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The Arkansas Department of Emergency Management appoints three leadership positions to serve the State Emergency Operations Center. These positions work under the direction and control of the ADEM Communications Division Director when activated. The station uses the amateur call sign KB5LZK when operating.

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Mike Nettles KB5WBH is the State RACES Officer. He is responsible for the RACES and amateur operations at the State Emergency Operations Center.

John Goswick W5JLG is the State RACES Coordinator. He is responsible for the statewide direction and coordination of RACES resources. In addition, John serves as the Army MARS Arkansas State Director.

J.M. Rowe N5XFW is the ESF-2 Liaison Officer. He is responsible to the state ESF-2 partners to be a subject matter expert and act as liaison to volunteer communications resources such as ARES, RACES, and MARS. J.M. also provides direction and coordination to the state MARS Agency program.

ADEM RACES Operating Frequencies


HF     3987.5  80m Band  -  7.260   40m Band

VHF    146.52 plus local repeaters.


KB5LZK-1:ADEMBB operating a packet bbs message forwarding system and a BPQ32 Packet node KB5LZK-3:ADEM 

50.615 Packet

KB5LZK HF Winlink PMBO Pactor Frequencies: 3594.00 PI, PII and PIII , 7068.90 PI and PII only , 7101.20 PI, PII and PIIII.

We also have Winmor available but the interface is giving us problems.

80m/40m Packet when available.



TS-2000 Standard Amateur Radio Frequencies with Auto Tuner.

TS-570D(S)  Standard Amateur Radio Frequencies plus 6 meter/Auto Tuner. 


One PC running FBB packet bulletin board message forwarding system with 1 radio port and a BPQ32 Packet node. The radio port operates on 50.615 mhz(Alinco DR-M06TH). The TNC for the radio port is a KamXL. The radio port links to the Arkansas Packet Network. This PC also has the Winlink programs RMS VHF Packet node and RMS HF Pactor.   

One SCS PCT Pro II pactor modem used in the WinLink2000 HF email system.

One  PC to be used for anything digital (Packet, PSK31..etc.) as needed on HF or VHF. 


We have 2 IC-2820H dual band radios that are DSTAR capable and 2 TM-D710A radios that have all the local Amateur Radio 2 Meter/70cm repeater and simplex frequencies programmed into them 



We have 4 dipole antennas in use now, all are all band B&W antennas.


Cushcraft 13B

Two Tri-Band Omni's 6m/2m/70cm


HF voice, HF data, VHF voice, VHF data, ATV, Packet to Internet Email(Winlink).


ADEM's Mobile Command Post

Kenwood TS-570D HF plus 6m and a Kenwood TM-7VA VHF/UHF Dual Band radio


Work in Progress: 

Installing a complete AMSAT Satellite Station capable of voice and digital data. 

Installing the ATV antenna, 6m Ringo Antenna, 2m Ringo antenna and 1 6m/2m/70cm triband antenna.


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